Bisa Health

Mobile Application

Bisa is a health application that provides the public access to medical advice and healthcare information using the mobile phone. This is an advantage for people who need medical care and advice but are unable to visit the hospital for various reasons such as cost, long queues at the hospital and the fear of stigmatization (especially for people who are exhibiting symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and are embarrassed to seek the needed treatment). 

Bisa Covid-19 Response

The BISA app currently serves as an opportunity for users to receive health information on the COVID-19 pandemic, check their symptoms and receive expert advice. The Bisa health application currently serves as a platform for the Ghana Health Service to follow up on COVID-19 patients being treated at home and also provides psychological support to survivors and health workers.

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Cloud based.

All user data, chats, profile data are hosted in the cloud


All data are secured through high-end encryption.

Chat functionality.

Users can always start a chat at any point in time and get swift responses from qualified health practitioners.

Audio & video support.

Users can upload videos, images and videos in chats for doctors to analyze and equally give feedback.


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